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I know that there are a few sticky's about this. And a few people say that you must remove the intake and others say no.

Well i replaced 2 of mine without removing the intake cylinders 3 & 4, I just had to remove the intake runner that runs across the top of the motor.

It takes all of a/b 8 min. total time to replace one. With the runner off all are very accesible if you have small enough hand to remove the glow plug connector. the hardest would be #6 due to a coolant temp sensor ( i believe ) is near it but i removed it just to see and took a lil longer but not much.

Just an FYI for the DIY people don't take to stealership and I wouldn't waste the money on the gasket even though its only $12.00 from MB b/c you don't have to remove. Probably is alot easier but once again only reason you would have to remove is if one breaks :eek:

well happy motoring!!! :thumbsup:
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