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Hello everyone
I own a 2002 Vito 108cdi, the problem is that the glow light has been on for a while now so today i decided to test them with a multi-meter.
Glowplugs 1,2 and 4 were reading .6 but number 3 was reading 0. So i changed number three which was easier then expected and now get .6 from all 4 of them, so i was happy. BUT the light still remains on after engine is started.
So next i thought i would check the relay. There is 12.7 volts on the red teminal so i know there is power going to it, so then i got a freind to turn the key so i could check the 4 spade connectors that come out of the relay.
On numbers 1 and 2 i got a reading of 12.4v, but on numbers 3 and 4 i only got a reading of 2.6v. The readings were all taken when the key was first turned, and the relay clicked on and clicked off.
Have i done this test right and if i have do you think i have a faulty relay
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