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GLK350: Winer tires and Ally wheels ???

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Hey Guys,

I did a lot of research and really can not decide.
so my GLK350 has Pirelli tires with size of 235/45R20 100 H with alloy rims of 8.0J x 20 H2 (wheel offset: 1.77 in (45mm))
GLK350 manual says for Winter tire I should choose 235/60R17 102H with alloy rim of 7.5 J x 17 H2 (wheel offset: 1.87 in (47.5mm))

so here are my questions

Winter Tires:
1- I do have Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1 from my previous SUV, the size is 235/65R17 108R, can i just simply use it on this GLK350 ?

2- If I need to buy new set of winter tires, which brand and model I should go for, I test Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1 in the past and the grip is amazing on the snow and ice, the can bounce a little bit tho when I was passing potholes, this tires are discontinued. here are my options [I have to say that MB dealership suggesting Pirelli ICE+SNOW]

- Pirelli Scorpion Winter , people are complaining alot about the grip
Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tire Reviews (12 Reviews)

- Pirelli Scorpion ICE + Snow , again lots of complain about the grip on the snow
Pirelli Scorpion Ice - Snow Tire Reviews (61 Reviews)

- Bridgestone WS-80 , seems very good traction and grip on SNOW and ICE, whoever used it absolutly loved it, but isnt it for passenger cars and not for SUV type of car ?

- Bridgestone DM-V2 , I guess that is the replacement of DM-V1

- Michelline X-ICE XI-2

- Toyo Winter tires

- Continental winter tires ?

Wheels :
- Living in Canada, which replica rim brand is good and not vibrating ? any brand name with good warranty ?
there are many complains online re vibration on 100 - 120km/s on replica rims.

- does it really make difference if I go 8 instead of 7.5

- seems I should get new set of bolts and maybe spacer as none of replica rims are perfectly fit.

Thanks guys
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I notice you did not list Nokian as one of the possible winter tire brands.
We have used and sold over half of the list you posted and the Nokian winter tires were much better in snow than anything we have used.

They do make them in the exact size the MB manual calls for.
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