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Two weeks ago I had a Stealth Combo hitch + tow installed on my 2020 GLE 450. Following is the review I posted on their site:

Excellent hitch, with a big asterisk

I am delighted overall, and really have to complement Stealth on the engineering in particular. From the lever you rotate to release the ball mount/receiver, to the integral lock that secures the attachments, everything feels solid and robust; it’s truly a premium product.

I was searching for an aftermarket hitch that wouldn’t disrupt the rear aesthetic of my 2020 GLE SUV, and read about Stealth on my two go-to forums: MBWorld and Benzworld. I was intrigued, but because of the price point, I wanted to do some additional research and speak with a couple installers.

The first authorized installer I found on the website and contacted via email was FX Automotive, and their reply gave me pause:

“My installer is not comfortable installing this hitch on a 2020 vehicle along with the wiring. We have experienced an issue with the newer vehicle where the color patterns do not match and we can damage the light control module which we can not reprogram. Would have to go back to the dealer if we have a check engine light come on. I suggest you ask the dealer for a quote.”

Having no interest in creating any computer/controller issues with such a tech-heavy vehicle, I called Stealth and spoke with Richard G. about my concerns. He was very helpful, and did acknowledge installers occasionally will have difficulty as it’s very difficult to monitor every vehicle’s wiring colors and changes. Our discussion provided me with enough comfort to purchase the Combo Package.

My mechanic recommended I use FDR Hitches in NJ for installation, and after doing some research, learned that they have an excellent reputation. FDR gave me an estimate of 3.5-4 hours total at $109/hour, so I decided to go with them and made an appointment.

When I picked up my SUV, I was presented with a bill for 5.5 hours of work, rather than the original estimate of 3.5-4 - an additional 1.5 hours of labor equating to approximately $164 more than expected.

Why the extra cost? The installer was unable to get the light package to work, and even contacted Stealth directly, spending a half hour on the phone with them. Although Stealth’s support team was very helpful, they were unable to solve the underlying issue, leaving it to the installer to resolve. Ultimately the installer was successful, and the manager of the shop summed it up by saying I was lucky Chris (the installer) was here today and worked on the hitch as nobody else would have figured it out.

I really am quite happy with the hitch now as I do believe it will last the lifetime of my SUV. Because the installer was kind enough to call the Stealth team to share his solution, the good news is Stealth hopefully can help any other 2020 GLE owners resolve wiring challenges. The bad news for me is that this education was done AT MY EXPENSE; $164 to be precise.
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