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GLC43 ticking and vacuum leak?

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I had this issue happen for the first time today on 2018 GLC43 with 55K miles. All service is up to date except spark plugs which I think are either at 50K or 60K.

The engine misfired from cylinder 2 upon cold start with codes P0300 and P0302. Check engine light is on.

There is a ticking noise which sounds pretty loud (?) to me, as well as an intermittent 'whooshing' sound coming from the passenger side of the engine.

I've recorded ~20 s of the engine running (when hot) here:

AMG GLC43 engine ticking and vacuum leak?

Anybody have an idea of what this could be?

Thank you all!
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Looks like that sound is the solenoid pressure valve:

Can that cause misfires - i.e. are these two things related?
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