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GLC300 Roof Racks

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Has anyone tried to install roof racks to their GLC300? The dealer is telling me that if I have the racks on, then I wont be able to operate the sunroof? That seems crazy to me. I've had another Mercedes SUV in the past and the sunroof/roof rack was never an issue.
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I just posted this in the other thread:
I'm still driving a GLA and we had the same issue, but there was a really easy solution. If you use the MB racks, there was a little rubber bumper on the mount that stuck out to stop the sunroof from opening. It was easy to cut off with a utility knife and now the sunroof opens up just fine. The other alternative for the GLA is to get the Thule racks as they don't interfere at all.
Hopefully the GLC rack issue is the same as the GLA and easily fixable.

Have you tried calling Thule or Yakima to see what they say? I'm guessing this is some kind of ill advised attempt on MB's part to prevent us from breaking the sunroof on some dangling cargo or something. Seems a little too over cautious.
Just one extra step

I took delivery of a GLC220D (Australian spec) this morning, I got the roof racks fitted and the sunroof doesn't open. The dealer said that I can take the racks off and remove the bumper and it will work fine.
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