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Glc300 engine light on

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I bought the glc300 only one week ago. And the engine light came out this morning when I start the car. It is only 240 miles.

I have to see dealer tomorrow sometime. Annoying.
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any update?

We have seen a few trans issues that needed a special software update.

I got the engine warning light on Day 2 of owning my GLC300. It has now been in the shop on 3 separate occasions in 3 months. They have done software updates and who knows what else. This latest time the engine light came back on again. Now they say that the auxillary fan was faulty and then another software update. But here's the craziest thing of all... I ordered the roof racks and had the dealer install them, but now they say the sunroof is inoperable. So I have to choose between having a sunroof I can open or having roof racks, which are pretty essential to an SUV. How could Mercedes Benz design a rack that does not work properly with the vehicle?
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well everything i hear about these cars is it is always software related. i got my car back today, and yes some parts were needed. but the majority was all software resets/updates/patches/reinstalling. i know that in the next few months there is a new software update coming from Mercedes because they had to install it early on my car. they had to get the factory in Germany to do all the software stuff on my car, going deep into the parts that everyone is locked out of, other than the factory.
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Engine Light

My Engine light came on after 28000 miles. 2014 GLK. Dealer ran codes. turned out to be Gas Leveler went Bad. Few such parts available in U.S.
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