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GLC300 and prepaid maintenece service contract

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Just picked up GLC300 this weekend. Sales person suggested to buy a service contract that will cover first four (10/20/30/40K) maintenance services. Another service manger said that this contract will save 30% vs if all four are paid in cash as you go. Looking at the items covered, it looks highly padded. Essentially all services are oil/filter change using synthetic oil, 20/40K has brake oil change in addition, and all have bunch of check items.

Is it worth the money..the listed price for 4 years for this vehicle is $1275...but one can have for 2 or3 years as well at lower prices.

What is risk of doing these services at some reputable but independent shop. I have owned cars that never saw a dealer shop for anything and they all ran fine. The last one I had was RX350 for 9 years...during which all I did was routine maintenance at an independent shop. What makes MB distinctive to avoid this route?

BTW, I am used to $19.99 oil change, tire rotation plus 21 points free/courtesy check :laugh...which with synthetic oil becomes ~ $80. Am I am not too fond of Donuts and gourmet coffee..
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Well.. if you didn't buy the 4-pack ... I would recommend you do your A/10K service out of pocket - then before you choose to do B/20K service you can consider buying a 3-pack for 20kK/30K/40K - you come out a bit better that way than buying a 4-pack 10k/20k/30k/40k.

Please understand a indie :"can" do service - or you can do it yourself - keep records with way - but your dealer has the "electronics" for this, including updates/campaigns etc.

Keep the beat !
Thanks for the advice.
Unfortunately, they only sell 1-2/3/4 and not 2-4 pack. But I will check again when I am nearing the first service as I need to get this before the first service.
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