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GLC 300e boot space

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Hi All, sorry I'm new to this forum and forums generally so not sure where to ask this or even if I can. Assuming I can... would anyone be able to tell me does the GLC 300 e have any space under the boot floor or does the battery take up all the space under there. I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere. I'm curious cause I'm just about to purchase one.
Thanks for any replies.
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The first time from new I washed the 300e was an annoying event. I had the key in my back pocket and every time I sprayed any door handle with the hose, the car either locked itself or unlocked itself, with the attached short toot...
That is really annoying. My '17 BMW X1 did it also, but my '07 BMW Z4 does not. Does anyone know what causes this? I've always been curious but too lazy to look it up "Smart" fobs, my butt.
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