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88 300TD 5spd Sport
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I'm tired of intermittent contact problems with the ceramic fuses in my Benz. Yesterday it was the wipers, 2 weeks ago it was the heater control unit, 2 months ago it was the fog lights. And yes I have cleaned and lubed the fuses and their little holding prongs.

But a search on the web found nobody selling Buss GBC glass fuses anymore, and they only have ceramic ones in the Bussman catalog.

Anybody know where I can buy glass GBC fuses over the web ???

I know some people think they blow too easily but that has not been my experience in the past. I've used them in the US over the years in 7 Volvos and 3 Benzes with no problems. But now I'm living in France and the parts counter guy at the biggest professional auto parts house in the city just stared at it like it was from another planet. He'd never seen a glass GBC fuse and was unable to get me some. If anybody knows where to buy them please let me know.[?]
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