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Girlfriends 01 ML430 stuck in park

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The bas/esp light came on while she was driving. Now it is stuck in park.

Any idea wat may be happening?
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she just wants to get it to the dealership without paying a tow. anyway to unlock it? geez, a switch goes out and your stranded? nice job MB :rolleyes:

Greg your all over the place. I thought you were just a E55 AMG guy....
LakePlay, for the past 15+ yrs, there was a Federal Law instituted which mandated all vehicles be equiped with a shift interlock system which requires that the brake pedal be engaged before the shifter can be moved out of park. This reqirement was imposed on all vehicle manufacturers selling vehicles in the U.S., because of many instances where unattended children were able to set the vehicle in motion simply by moving the selector lever.

Your problem is not one which M/B invented and should be a good indication that the truck should not be driven. It is almost always attributed to a faulty brake light switch which means that driving without brake lights would be dangerous to you and to the car behind you.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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