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Last week while beeing at the flowerist for my wedding i spotted this GFK-box on a scrapyard. While on honeymoon with my wife, we drove by it last thursday to check it out, messure it for fitment on the 404 etc.

Its a seemless GFK body, 300 cm length inside, 175cm width inside, 180cm height. The part above cab is about 90cm deep and 120 width on the front. Outside its 190cm width and 190cm above floor-height. The back has an aluminium 'roll-door'.

My wife saw the possible 'camper-unit on the back of the 404' in it :)

for 150 euro ( $ 232,- ) it didnt take long to make a deal.

Now its up to make it fit the 404. I will use a (scrap) LF8 frame for making one body, between cab and the GFK-box fixed, to limit the flex.

The small pics show some idea's from converted Hyundai H150 delivery vans.


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