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GF got a new car (Smart Roadster)

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She actually got it a few days ago, but I was away in Belgium and Holland due to a few business trips, so only got a chance to take some photos now.

For those who DON'T know what it is, it's a rear engined, rear wheel drive, Daimler-Chrysler. The engine is just under 700cc, yet pushes over 80hp with a weight of 860kilos and really very good handling.

A fun car? Yes, actually. A feminine care? That too.

And smaller then the new SLK [;)] Here's a few pics of it, and whilst it looks big in these pics, it's actually quite a bit smaller then the SLK (I think due to my angle, the SLK looks smaller then it is in comparison to the Smart Roadster... I'll try to get some better pics next week once I've charged up the batteries on the camera). She'll be getting 17" Brabus 12 spoke wheels for it in a month from now, they're quite nice [;)]

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Sick! I love those little smart roadsters. I think they're pretty expensive for how much car you get though. I'd take one of those V6 Brabus roadsters though.
Nice car, I do like smart roadsters. I want to test drive one when they will be available in US.
yeah those lil bad boys are nice. I would love to drive one around for a little while. Fantastic for parking.
took this pic a year ago over in europe


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Nice pic!

btw: concerning the driveability of the roadster. You really do feel a big difference in push when you've got a passenger in the car. It's definitely slower when you have an additional 50-70 kilos being pushed.

Also, the 82 and 101 hp versions hardly differ in feel. Sure the Brabus version 'supposedly' pushes more, but I'm thinking it's just a bigger turbo which gets activated later on, so it's not all that convenient.

However, if you can get hold of one for a test drive, try the one with the gear paddles behind the steering wheel. It's just so much fun driving around and changing gears at the last minute with that, you feel a satisfying 'nudge' [:D]
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