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Hi All,

Owned a 1989 300CE in the UK and loved every minute I was in it. I also had a brilliant guy looking after it who loaned me whatever he had available while it was in the shop for service or MOT - usually a 300TE.
Had the car from Ramsgate to Glasgow and back I don't know how many times. If anything broke it still got me home.

Anyway - having had to give it up when returning to Ireland - unjustifiable tax and insurance costs - I'm thinking of getting a 220 C124 from 1994 or thereabouts.

Ideally it should be blue but the best example is a red UK import. For those of you who don't know Ireland the manufacturers downgrade the cars specification to reduce costs due to the high car duty tax here.

Anyway - any thoughts on a red coupe with AMG body kit. Is it too much of a mafia car or could I get away with it?

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