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Gettin the itch !!!!

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Gettin the itch for a new car! I have been driving a 93 140 for the last 3 years . The car still looks and runs well but is starting to get a little long in the tooth ! I did not pay much for the car and most of the money I spent on it was personal dress up stuff ! Been looking around on the web and I have seen some really nice 04 models with not a lot miles and neat as a pin! I have to be honest and say my 140 have been very good to me! So what can you folks here tell me about the 04 track record? Or should I just keep my 140? Thanks

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Hi Smokie,

I've upgraded from a 94 S420 to a 2002 S500, totally different vehicle.
Yes I do miss the S420 but the S500 is Amazing!

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