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Gettin the itch !!!!

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Gettin the itch for a new car! I have been driving a 93 140 for the last 3 years . The car still looks and runs well but is starting to get a little long in the tooth ! I did not pay much for the car and most of the money I spent on it was personal dress up stuff ! Been looking around on the web and I have seen some really nice 04 models with not a lot miles and neat as a pin! I have to be honest and say my 140 have been very good to me! So what can you folks here tell me about the 04 track record? Or should I just keep my 140? Thanks

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We have a pretty well-developed compendium of knowledge on the W220, grouped in the W220 S-Class Encyclopedia. The last section of the Encyclopedia deals with buying information that you may find useful. The '03 and on are solid cars; the '04 was the first year the MOST fiber optics bus was used, which allows for 3rd party additions far more easily than the earlier D2B bus. It also uses a DVD-based navigation system, superior to the CD-based earlier models. Its phone system is by far the easiest and least expensive of any W220 to convert to Bluetooth, if it doesn't have a handsfree (or any) phone already. Read more at

The Encyclopedia covers (fairly exhaustively) the problems owners have encountered over the past 16 years; don't be put off by it. NO ONE has all of the problems, and the knowledge base does a good job of providing less expensive fixes for most of them. As one example, the car has either an Airmatic (pneumatic) or ABS (hydraulic, computer controlled) suspension system. For Airmatic, the fix CAN be as simple as a $30 relay. Or, it may be struts and a pump. Arnott Industries has brought out remanufactured Airmatic struts (superior to OE) that cost about 1/4 what a dealer would charge for new.

I just traded an '05 (60K miles) I had for 10 years (without Airmatic problems); I'd have been happy to keep it another 10. But, because of garage space limitations, I had to reduce the number of cars I had, and I bundled it with my 450SL in trade for an S550 (W221) when the opportunity arose.
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What can you tell me about the 4matic cars ? I saw a video on the operation and looked pretty impressive but also very complicated! Looks to me if something went south it could mean big trouble and lighting up of your wallet! Something I might want to avoid? Are some years better or worse than others? Thanks again for the reply .

My views on 4Matic are in the original link I gave you; I had it and loved it, even in Florida. It did well in light snow in Maryland (but studs were illegal; it would have been much better with them). Fuel mileage is slightly less, maybe 1 mpg in practice; maintenance of the system is a bit more - mainly because of the transfer case, and the fact that you have a larger number of CV joints (the boots tear and can be expensive to replace if you use OE). The only problem I ever had was replacing one of the CV boots; no others; but that has not been true for all owners.

Differences in the system from year to year mainly involved the percentage of power distribution to the front and rear. The service bulletin issued on the transfer case (addressed in the main part of the Encyclopedia) applied to only some years - '05 and '06; see
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