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2007 S550 4Matic
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My S550 4-Matic broke a front CV joint last week. My dealer and MBUSA both told me this was very unusual, the dealer had never seen one break. I asked for MBUSA to cover the cost of the repair as the car is only four months out of warranty. MBUSA was hesitant to do this because they did not have records of the dealer servicing my car or of me buying enough oil filters (really, the service manager told me that if they had records of all my oil filter purchases the process would have gone a lot more smoothly).

I service the car myself (except for what I cannot do; I had the dealer service the transmission last year) but did not always give my name at the dealership parts counter. I offered to send MBUSA copies of my reciepts but they were still unimpressed.

In the end the service manager at the dealership, (not MBUSA) said he would cover the cost of the part if I paid for the labor, which I felt was quite fair. Two hours later MBUSA called me and said that they had arranged for the part to be covered if I paid the labor, which is not completely correct. I was also chastized for not having the car serviced at the dealer.

The moral of the story is, if you service your own car please be sure to get your name on the reciepts from the dealer and make sure they are associated with the VIN on your car. A couple of oil filters almost cost me $1,500.
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