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Since 1990, XIX Exotic Alloys has been developing a reputation for manufacturing some of the most high-end custom wheels in the industry. The company continually strives to push the boundaries to create some of the most exciting wheels on the market. This brand offers Hub-centric and Lug-centric custom wheels, as well as staggered wheels.

All XIX Wheels are powder coated with a 7 coat pre-treatment stage and 9 coat finishing stage to last and appear flawless even when exposed to the cruelest road conditions. Produced with the latest technologies, these wheels are built to deliver the handling that your ride's performance requires and please your heart with design and quality.

Browse through XIX Exotic wheels selection and find a perfect match for your Mercedes!

XIX EXOTIC® - X63 Gloss Black with SS Lip

XIX EXOTIC® - X61 Matte Bronze with Black Lip

XIX EXOTIC® - X51 Matte Black

XIX EXOTIC® - X59 Gloss Black with SS Lip

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