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get a 2001 now, or wait for the 2002?

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I finally found a mercedes forum!<br><br>
My mother needs to get a new car soon, and she's interested in the C320 (2001). We need this car real soon, so my question is, should we get this car right, or just hold off just a little bit longer for the 2002?<br><br>
Anyone know the approx. release date for the 2002 model?
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every year cars get better...get it now and build on it...mbnz are dope esp. my c320 on 19in monoblock v 2piece
Re: Re: get a 2001 now, or wait for the 2002?

> mbnz are dope<br> <br> Are you a 'gang-banger' DudeK? If we were in Texas now, I'd slam you on death row along with your EUbonics buddies.
LOL! You tell em, Dyslexic Bush!
My mom has a 01' C320, and we like it so much. So I think if you need it real soon, don't think at home, instead, go to the dealer and asked when will the '02 model arrive.
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