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Hi all,

Car 1998 S210 E55 AMG. 722.624 Box

This is baffling me now:doh:, I wonder if anyone can help with any further suggestions!!!

I have done a bit of Google research but can't any with the same problem, similar but not the same.

The problem.

The gearbox simply refuses to change up when the kick down button is pressed it will jump down to a lower gear no problem but will just hold that same gear till the red line :crazy: and if I let off the throttle it will change up.

The weird thing is the box works perfectly fine and I mean perfectly at all other times and in all gears and is buttery smooth and not jerky in any way:dk:.

It may be just a coincidence but it seemed to happen after I had disconnected the battery for about an hour to change/fix the headlight assembly fuse box to solve a parking sensor problem. Is there something under there that I could have disturbed?

What I have checked so far.

  • Bought a dip stick to check the levels in the box, which are spot on and there are no apparent leaks.
  • Cleaned the maf sensor with isopropyl alcohol. (Wasn't even that dirty).
  • Did the gearbox ecu reset procedure.
  • Checked the Gearbox ecu under the bonnet in case oil had come up from the plug on the box. Dry as a bone.
  • Checked the plug on the box itself there was a tiny bit of oil on the plug its self. Cleaned with Iso and wd40. The socket on the box also seemed dry but cleaned anyway.
I noticed when cleaning the maf that it looked to me like it had been changed before, could it be slightly faulty?? I would have thought there would be other problems like rough idle, but its as steady as a rock.

I do have a spare gear selector box which I will swap in just in case.

Anyone have any Ideas?? :wallbash:


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Have you reset the shift adaptations on the transmission,and also I would reset engine adaptations..Then perform Shift adaptaion up and down on a test drive. Try that.

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If the oil & filter new and the oil level ok, then you should to replace the "Conductor plate", cause it has the speed sensor in it,,

and its a common problem either.......:eek:


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Please understand going forward that electrical connections and MAF should be cleaned with a non-ammonia-non-residue electronics cleaner - here in the US a can of MAF cleaner is like USD$9 for a good size can and meets those requirements.

1) ECU reset and adaptation is a good recommendation - do a forum search and it is a easy under 5 min DIY.

2) Since you have previously disconnected the battery, you may want to become familiar with the reset procedure for the steering angle sensor and accessory systems as outlined in the manual - for example not resetting the rear window regulators will lead to premature regulator failure.

3) The quality/life of your tranny fluid is the largest question - original spec called for "sealed for life" - which is now change fluid/filter recommended here every 40K miles.
The good thing is your tranny is not throwing codes - yet - but if you are running at mileage with original fluid you really don't want to wait for that time to come.
If you had a serious conductor plate issue - or if you had a serious tranny coom problem (major connector internal connector leakage) those issues normally will throw a code 1st.

4) I would plan/budget a tranny fluid/filter change soonest - and it would be prudent to replace the tranny connecotr plug with a new MB brand plug at the same time.
The correct tranny fluid is key - do a search for the Fuchs or Febi/Bilstein fluid which should be more commonly found in the UK than here. I do not know if the Shell brand equivalent tranny fluid here is the same Shelll equivalent in the UK - but Fuchs and Febi # should be the same since here in the US it is the Euro fluid.

The tranny fluid change can be done DIY - there is a good procedure listed in the stickies - but you MUST be prepared to be surgical and exacting about this specific procedure - or find a competent/clean/surgical shop that can do the labour for reasonable cost.

Keep the beat !
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