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W203 C270D 2002
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W203 2002 C270 Diesel. Automatic.

When I bought it 12v cigarette lighter switch didn't had power in. Gearbox W&S *winter/summer wasn't possible to click down. Seller was car-dealer, so they fixed W&S switch. - Seemed like someone had poured coffee or cola on center console.

It worked fine for couple months until during driving normally 100km/h it hit gearbox to 3rd gear *I think, it's safety-gear?

I stopped, turned car ignition off, then on and car run smoothly for weeks again. Once it managed to hit gearbox to neutral while going for passing other cars, which made me look to get this fixed as it might be dangerous.

Today when it hit to 3rd gear I tried to see if there was malfunction but car says 'no malfunctions'. When it hits to safety-gear it overrides 'after start' things into for example 3400kilometers. Which is totally wrong.

Also I noticed today it didn't let me change between W/S. When I stopped car and turned engine off, then ignition in I was able to get gearbox from S to W. But it did not allow me to switch back. I tried to turn ignition off and remove key several times but it never went over 3rd gear after starting again.

What else I noticed is I can't seem to be able to use tiptronic. When I pull shift to left or right nothing happens.

Any idea what to look for?

Edit >> I tried taking battery switch off and to flash gearbox. neither of them solved issue. I also took apart w/s switch which seems to have had alot of dried up coffe or coke on it. Might this cause gearbox not to function at all? yet it was working so far. now only on third and not switching.
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