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Hello everyone

Not sure where to start.
I am not a mechanic but I am scared to check in my car as the estimated repair cost is $2k

Here are the symptoms

Car: c320 2002 model
Miles about 200k I put a newer engine about 50k. Transmission is original not changed with engine.

When I start the in the morning no issues I can drive whole morning 30-80
Miles. By mid afternoon the gear will either be stuck on 2 nd or 4th gear. If I am driving the speedo meter drops to zero and intermittently it will read the driving speed or zero it’s goes on and off while I am driving on highway at 59-60 mph

When the gear problem start
If I turn of the engine and come back after 5-20 min gear will change normally

Sometimes while I am driving it’s fixrd it self

I visited 2-3 mechanics they do not seem to know the cause

I heard following terms finally they all say it’s sbouf $2k job
I am not a mechanic but I know it’s something that is resetting and electrical not mechanical as it works again.

I heard following terms used as possible cause;

Transmissions fluid level
Solinode plate
Shifting sensor
Cranck shaft alignment sensor
Control module

Any suggestions or advice how to fix this issue
Thank you all,

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This is a 2002 car, I wonder, has any of the dealers attempted to scan the transmission and ESM? First thing to do along with dipping the transmission with the workshop dipstick.

Possible issues with the conductor plate... I can bet a scan will pull up useful information.

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First thing to do is check the transmission electrical connector (pilot bushing) for fluid intrusion.
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