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Gear Shift Light on 1993 Mercedes 400E

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Quick question for the community.

Car Details
1993 Mercedes 400E
Mileage: 165K miles
Condition: Very good

I recently noticed that there is no light that illuminates the different positions on the gear shift (e.g. P, D, N, R, etc.). I'm pretty sure that this used to be lit from below. I can't find any info on what this bulb is or even what this bulb would be called. Can anyone help provide some information?

Thanks in advance!
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Its in the front of the "P" under the wooden panel. Very small bulb, 0,4w or something. If you take it out you can bring it to a dealer and they will now what you need.
I could explain it here or you could find it on youtube. Search for "automatic gearshift w124 bulb" or something like that.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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