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Hi Guys. I've had an SLK32 for 3 years now.
Its the noughties 265kW supercharged hard top convert. 5sec. version of your pocket rocket - albeit a little lighter at 1490kg.

Amazing what 15yrs of development has brought!
Some of the guys in our forum (and the Chrysler SRT6 forums - an SLK32 in disguise) have problems with intercoolers and heat soak.

I had a look under the bonnet of the A45 the other day at the local MB stealership and was keen to see how they pulled 26psi down in temperature to a factory acceptable <50Celcius AIT.
Neat little cooler - with plastic ends!....amazing.

I am (we are) always looking to make things better where ever possible. If someone knows some parts info for these little units - much appreciated. Personal close ups of the unit etc... cool.
Also any OBD2 engine logs showing AIT + boost(psi) + rpm - great!
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