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1999 SL500, 2004 SL500
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Ok, I've read a lot of posting (181 of them) about this baffle that comes loose and rattles inside of the gas tank. It's what is wrong with my car and I don't need to go into all the noises it makes.

I have a 2004 SL500 with 82,000 miles. No extended warranty. Live in So. CA.

This just started and I need to get it fixed.

- I can do the repair myself if someone can give me some good directions on removal of the tank.

- I can have it done by someone else, if anybody has a name and a place close to me, and at a reasonable cost. (Like under $500.00)

- I could take it to a dealer (Long Beach, CA. or area) and have it fixed if anyone has any recent info on how to get this taken care of with little or no money out of my pocket.

Any help with this would be a great favor.
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