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Gas pills that give you better gas mileage!?!
I recently ran into a friend who had just quit his job to sell "gas pills," which supposedly improve your gas mileage. Of course it sounded a little fishy, so he gave me some samples to try it out. I figured it couldn't hurt to try. Luckily I track my gas mileage in my cell phone (treo) off and on, so I had plenty of "before" data.

Lo and behold, it actually worked! My mileage improved 2.6 miles per gallon, from 19.1 to 21.7.

Here are the mileage stats for my 2001 Toyota Tacoma, for six tanks before using the pills, and one tank using the pills. (Actually that last one wasn't quite a complete tank, because I got impatient and filled up early, so that's why it was only 12.75 gallons).

Miles Gallons Mileage (miles/gallon)
285 15.20 18.75
299 15.47 19.32
295 15.87 18.59
287 15.20 18.88
310 15.73 19.71
293 15.23 19.23
Average Before Using Pills:
294.83 15.45 19.08
First Tank Using Pills:
277 12.75 21.72

Not bad, eh? 13.6% improvement (with a very small data set). But it was enough that I went ahead and signed up as a distributor.

If you would like to try out the pills, let me know and I will give you some samples so you can try it out yourself, and see if it will save you money. The pills sell for about 94 cents each, and you're supposed to use one pill per 8 gallons. So you can easily calculate if it's saving you money.

Unfortunately, on the gas pill website the minimum amount you can buy is $75 worth (80 pills) so it's good to try a few samples first and make sure it works for you. But if you really want to buy some, here's the link.
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