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Garage Sale - Transfer Case

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I am cleaning out the garage and have a slightly used transfer case for sale. I bought this as a spare, but need the space. Truck had 23k mikes on it when the owner rolled it. 2500 including shipping within continental US.
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hi there! would this transfercase fit a 463 1994 350GDturbo (automatic)? looking for one this side. wonder what the quickest shipping would be to south africa and how long it would take..........
hi ken!
thanks for coming back to me. i have decided in consultation with the chairman of the club here in sa. to rather go for a complete new transfercase. he reacons the trouble started when the wrong oil was put in during one of the services. yours seems to be the right one though. mine has also got the electronic locking of the front, centre and back diff. US 6 000 later!.............
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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