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I really dislike it when the press tries to use their power to present misinformation in order to coax people to believe it.

Bleech! [xx(]

There also is the expectation of a 7-seat M-Class down the road (the previous model had 5-seat and 7-seat versions and the new model has launched as a 5-seater only).

Eckhard Cordes, member of the board of management who assumed responsibility for the Mercedes Car Group seven months ago, also promises future products for the Vance plant.

He stops short of confirming it will be the replacement for the G-Class, a rugged SUV introduced in 1979 and built by Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co. KG in Graz, Austria.

The current G-Class will cease production, likely in the next year, Cordes says. That is when DC is expected to have completed its military contracts for the vehicle.

Mercedes is replacing its powertrain lineup with four new engine families in the works, including a new range of 6- and 8-cyl. engines, both gasoline and diesel, coming for most of its main model series.

Cordes says the new engines will not fit in the current G-Class, and it would be too expensive to make the necessary changes to the low-volume SUV.

The expectation is Mercedes will replace the G-Class with a utility vehicle derived from the R-Class architecture, to be built in Vance.

Bill Taylor, who oversees the plant as president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz U.S. International Inc., says the expanded facility, while flexible, is tooled only to produce vehicles from the M-Class and R-Class platforms – lacking the ability to handle a third architecture.

Industry chatter says a decision has not been made whether to call the replacement the G-Class or GL-Class.
The rest of the article of the article can be found here:

As far as the new engines not fitting, well duh! And it was my understanding that the G will be produced until 2025 for the military so production isn't stopping anytime soon.

It sounds like Alabama isn't wanting to build this supposed "g-class" replacement because they can only build two vehicles, not three (despite what the article says about a different "architecture"). [:D]

And from what I read on the groundbreaking that took place, the execs at MB never mentioned a G-class to be built in this factory (although it was assumed).
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