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My G500 is an 05/06 version . I have for sure the old command but a version that worked fro DEC05 to DEC06 part number A 463 820 16 89. This part is called command amplifier.

I have ipod conection on the AUX in and solved the loud problem with a bostaroo amplfier , but reading EPC i found something that let me in doubt.

EPC give A 463 870 11 89 ( command operating unit ) as a DVD , NTG2 , what does this mean?

My command reads only CDrom for GPS ,no MP3 files compatibility , CD changer the only wave cds.

I whould like to have a CDR reader (cd changer) working with my command or a DVD reader command , if the dvd whould read mp3 and mp4 files.Does this command operating unit does that?

My amplifier is A 463 820 14 89

thanks for help

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I am not really into G-classes, and I am not into part numbers, either.

The 2005/6 G500 is D2B based, meaning that the comand unit will read navigation CDs. The newest G-classes are MOST based, meaning that the comand unit is DVD based.

There is NO original Mercedes MP3 CD changer for the D2B based models. And as far as I know, it is NOT possible to play MP3 CDs in the DVD comands for the newest G-classes (or 164 GL / ML, or 2005+ 203 / 209, or model updated A-classes etc).


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