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G class electrical issues. HELP!

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Hey guys. New to the Benz World forum. Have a 2002 G500. Tried to do a swap of clusters, wanted to go with the newer 2010 look. Had the new look cluster programmed, and it didn't work when I tried plugging it in. The Gas Guage didn't take, and had dashes in place of numbers for the mileage. I said its ok, and put the old one back. Now, when I put the old one back, something seriously mixed up electrical wise. List as follows:

1. Passenger seat adjuster only adjusts the driver side seat (I cannot adjust the passenger side seat at all)
2. Driver side seat adjuster only adjusts the driver side seat going forward
3. The passenger side rear view mirror does not move
4. The passenger side blinker (side marker) goes on together with the driver side blinkers once turned on
5. The same passenger side blinker (side marker) does not go on when the passenger side blinker is turned on
6. The passenger window will not open when you press the window opening switch on the driver side

Can this be a bad Sam module? Or does something have to be re-programmed? Any info will help. Its really frustrating because the truck ran and functioned perfectly. Had no malfunction messages, and zero problems. I took it to the dealer, and they won't look at it because the headlights were updated to newer looking headlights. Thanks
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Replace those pivot seals every 10 years if garaged, 5 if not. Also check that the nuts at the body are tight. Then put some thick grease inside the pivot seal before pushing into place. It might ooze a bit and require cleanup, but the alternative is leaks and the kinds of problems that you just experienced.

While I'm ranting. You are flushing the brake and locker hydraulic systems every two years, right?
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