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G Centre Munich

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Anybody have contact details for the G-Centre in Munich? Especially a web address?

Or any other good dealers/classified sites to visit other than autoscout24, and autoboerse?

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smart move that, asking for contact details first, as it reminds me of a stupid yet enjoyable thing i did a few years back...i heard of another Gelaendewagen centre up north, in hamburg i think, so having my rental car, and about 4 hours to spare, i went for it (i was in/near bremen or hanover if i remember right). After an agonising search by map and guesswork, we arrived (me and a friend) at the centre, only to find they had exactly ONE G-wagen, and a 461 at that!! lol imagine my disappoint to find a lineup of Jeeps instead, they said they sold all 463s...that was when i discovered the value of phoning ahead to check stock before travelling..a lesson i'll never forget!
Contrast that with my visit to the G-centre in Munchen in 1994, it was full of G320s and G350DTs, maybe over 50, all lined up nicely and polished up, it was like a dream at the time (considering our latest G was a 280GE from the past decade). I suspect if you pay them a visit now it will be more of the same, not many at the showroom, all bought out by east russian "businessmen" and enthusiasts...
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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