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These aren't mine, but they're posted in a local craigslist. Thought someone 'round here might be interested in these unusual rims...

14" Mercedes Wire Wheels - Knock Offs! - $350

This is the link to the ad

"I have a complete set of Chrome Mercedes Benz 14 inch Wire Wheels and tires. These are the knock-off type. Wheels are in good condition. There are some rusting/pitting spots on the wheels as they came off of a 1976 450SL that sat for a long time, which I aquired. They looked pretty sharp on the car. I ended up putting factory chrome wheels on the 76 450 and saved these for my 1973 450SL ... well...sold both cars and still have the wheels. They're just sitting in the garage wanting to be put on your w107 convertible or coupe. (SL / SLC) They may fit other models...they're 5 lug. The tire condition is kinda unknown...the tires were on the car that sat for a long time. Tread looks great, some light dry rot and possible flat spots. I remember there being a vibration that was mostly noticable at high speeds...just need balancing? The spinners screw on the adapter and show signs of being beaten on and off with a hammer. (sad) Still look good, though. Asking $350 / Offers for the rims, tires, spinners & adapters. "

Again, these aren't mine. Just passing this along, 'cause they seem interesting, if you're into that sort of thing...
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