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Here are the part numbers for the Mercedes-Benz Motorola V60 Phone, if you ever need them. And at the bottom is the part numbers for the CD changer.

Vehicle Core Installation Kit Q6820710
Q6820754 PSE "Auto Sense" (SYN 9266A)
Q6820462 Standard install hardware kit
Q6820657 Dual Band Linear Compensator

CLK Coupe Vehicle Completion Kit Q6820710
Q6820468 Cable, PSE/linear Compensator
Q6820474 Bracket, PSE/linear Compensator
Q6820322 False Floor (CLK only)
Q6820757 Template, V60 holder install

Optional Voice Recognition Kit Q6820573
Q6820650 SBS Module
Q6820463 Installed Hardware
Q6820479 PTT Lever
S-2765-000 Manual, SBS

Timeport Cradle Long-cord Lit Q6820723
Q6820649 Timeport Cradle
Q6820465 Coil Cord

V60 Cradle long-cord kit BQ6820725
BQ6820771 V60 Cradle with long coil-cord
BQ6820768 V60 Holder
BQ6820811 Battery insert
S-2790-02A In-vehicle manual

CD Changer Main unit A2038209089/Exchange A203820908990
ID Card
A0028206289 CD Magazine

CD installation Kit Q6820692
Main Bracket
Hardware Package

Later, Tim
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