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Fuse box problems. please help.

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Hi everybody well my car wont even click when starting nothing at all just nothing its like its dead. I'm thinking its a fuse problem but I checked every fuse they all seem to be ok now i'm not sure where the Ignition fuse is or anything similar to that. doeas anybody have any idea???its a 95 E320 if anybody has pictures of their fuse box please post I need to compare.

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yes everything else works
the car jsut wont click. so if your thinking is it the battery well its not.
I'm thinking its a Relay problem or something.
It wasen't the fuses it was my alarm it was in Valet mode and somehow the Ignition Lock was activated and now I need to disable the ignition lock to turn the car on.

who would ever guess that this was the problem...
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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