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300TE 4-Matic, C240K
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Greetings, my first post since these problems came up, appreciate it very much if anyone can advise me on the issues I have with my 300TE 4Matic;

1. The SRS & 4 MATIC warning lights are not lighting up in key pos 1,2 in fact the lights do not come on at all.

2. The light tilt is inop and so is the lighting on the lighting slector panel.

3. The front washer is inop and running hot so I disconnected it, could be old and seized.

4. The air temp digital gauge is intermittent coming on when the car goes over a hump or something.

5. Noticed that the fuse box is getting really hot.

Some remedial action I've taken and or going to take;
a) disconnect washer motor.
b) replace all the fuses.
c) open up the entire fuse box incase something could be loose and shorting and to clean the terminals?


1. Does no light at mean that the SRS system is not operative?
Could it also just be a blown bulb? How do I check without the system deploying in my face?

2. What about the 4Matic light? Same as C#1?

Thank you and safe driving!
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