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Hi Guys

We have a 108CDI Vito, where the indicators and hazards do not work, just a single click from the relay, or a buzz from the relay sometimes.
I have taken the indicator/wiper/hazard combo switch off, and tested all the swtches, all seem to test fine, but i also took apart the fusebox that physically bolts to the combo switch, and inside there is a small circuit board, with what looks like a melted link on it. From tracing the circuits inside, this board must be the flasher unit, as the two green relays at the end of the box are just plain relays.
Does anyone feel like popping the top off their fusebox and tell me what they see?
You just need to take the cover off the bottom of the steering column, and unscrew the bolt at the top of the fusebox, that screws into the lower side of the combo switch, then unplug a few connectors and it comes out in your hand (the plugs can only go back in one way) Now just pull out the two green relays at the end of the box, pull out all the fuses and unclip the top cover, (dont worry, nothing will fall out...)

Im hoping its just a plain link, so i can solder it back together!
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