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Fuse 8 keeps blowing

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CLK 200 Kompressor w209
Hi all once again and thanks for any advice. One day out of the blue my central locking would not work at all with the remote and I could not open the car. I used the "secret" key :) and it all works from the inside. Driving along and the radio will not pick up it's usual stations. (Antenna amplifier?) On checking all the fuses, fuse 8, in the boot (for the alarm?) keeps blowing as soon as I put a new one in (7.5amps).
Has anyone else had this issue and what would be your advice as to what to do?
I cannot understand as to why this would suddenly happen, dry conditions...the only clue ...the boot wouldn't open one day...and now I can't seem to lock it even with the little key...Can I lock it from inside the car? I have read that it could be the alarm siren?...I never even have heard this working there a way to easily disconnect that without a ramp, cause I don't have one. :-(. What else could be causing this annoying problem. Central locking is quite important and surely should have it's own fuse? Many thanks all, great forum
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all done...siren more blown fuses :)
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