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SLK 230 2003
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Hi dear fellow members!
I've been doing some modifications on my black SLK 230 2003 and was looking for Fully Smoked LED Tail Lights. After hours, days and weeks of searching and communicating with different websites one Ebay seller Finally got them!!!!!

Here's the link if you want to get them!
MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 AMG LED Tail Lights--ALL SMOKE 1997-2004 | eBay
Believe me, it's such a rare thing! You'll never find it! Me and my wife contacted tons of sellers including and many others. No one has it!

It's the same lights as one of the members installed before:

Thought I'd share with you all! When I logged in yesterday the seller had 10 of them but today it shows just 5. So hurry up!!
It's US $239.99 + $90.00 shipping. Ain't that bad! I just don't really like Red version and these look cool on black car!

The seller was really nice. I started communicating with him back in June and then he promised me that the factory will deliver the item by the end of July and here it is! As promised!

Will post some pictures soon on the work I've done to my vehicle!

Cheers to all members! And thanks for your help and guides posted here!
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