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1977 Mercedes 300D
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So i recently had been toying with the idea of replacing the exhaust system on my 300D. The old one was rusted out and was about to fall off at anytime. So i thought what the heck I'll give it a shot. Well I am running into a couple of problems along the way and need some advice from anyone who can help.

Here is my situation:

The front pipe from the exhaust manifold doesn't want to fit snuggly against the manifold. Instead one side snugs right up while the other side is gaping. Not sure if anyone else has ran into that problem but I am unsure how to get it to fit snug. Any helpful hints would be appreciated.

Now onto the resonator. When trying to fit the resonator onto the muffler that rests in the middle of the car it doesnt want to fit snug onto the resonator. any ideas on how to expand the resonator end to fit onto the muffler end? Also I purchased a exhaust hanging kit from autohausaz and I'm not sure which pieces go to what. This one doesn not look like the orginal so if anyone has ever used this let me know....well I think that is about all. Hope I explained myself with enough detail. Thanks.

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