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Well I guess the stars aligned an a benevolent spirit decided it was time for me to test my new brake lines and fluid change and what better way than a stupid driver cutting you off to achieve the desired outcome.

All BS aside I slowed from maybe 30-35mph to 0 in about 10feet after a mustanger 5.0 popped out like a jack in the box. I almost ran into the idiot and locked up all fours in a mighty display of smoke. I would have ended up hurting the person who pulled this stunt especially after I got behind him and honked and he hit his brakes and I had to lock my shit up again. He would have had a facefull of mace along with his side kick. If that didn't slow him down I'd have to get up close and personal. I'll have to keep an eye out for a primer gray 5.0, but all the mexicans around here drive mustangs so that should be easy to find.

Aren't some of you guys envious of us who get to see the whole spectrum of human incompetence in the big city? I wonder why half my family moved out of the city, the city is only a place to maky your money, not to live.

I guess all of us should get out on a track or something and learn to push these beasts to the limit of both handling and braking, any fool can accelerate but can you controlably stop your car in an emergency situation, that is the question.

I just posted this as a prefice to what many should expect as the summer driving season progresses. Watch out for those jack-in-the-boxes folks!
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