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Fuel system help

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I'm going to be replacing the fuel systems components near the fuel tank on my 85 380sl and for the life of me can not find what this part is (see photo) and what size the smaller hose that goes into the middle of it and does it also need replacing.
Thank you for your help in advance 馃檹
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If your '85 380 has never had the fuel components in the back replaced, then they're 35 years old. You should replace everything in the back including the fuel strainer in the tank.

Drain all the fuel out of the tank or better yet, open the convertible top compartment and then remove the white plastic cover located in the middle of the compartment and finally remove the fuel sending unit (big socket required). Once removed you can pump the fuel out of the tank rather than try to drain it from the bottom which could dump a bunch of fuel on your head.

Like Rowdie sad... use the EPC to find all the part numbers and replace everything back there.
I looked at the EPC but couldn't find a part number for the hose but it's just standard hose that is fuel capable... nothing special.
Thank you for the advice it's really appreciated.
I found these part numbers for my '83 380 in EPC. They should be the same as yours or pretty close. I'll give odds that if they're not, someone on this forum will know.

A 126 470 1464 Line from fuel pump to filter & accumulator.
A 126 470 0116 Damper Cage
A 002 091 9701 Fuel pump.
A 000 090 0110 Valve.(might come with fuel pump)
A 002 477 1701 Fuel filter.
A 000 476 0421 Accumulator
N 915036 008202 Banjo bolt.
N 007603 012110 Sealing ring (2 required)
A 123 990 0053 Nut Fuel line to feed pump
A 210 470 0406 Fuel strainer (in tank)

Here's a picture of mine after I was done. Everything new, even the rubber standoffs but not the brackets, I painted them. (My damper cage was stainless steel so all I did was clean it).
Well worth the effort when you think of what could happen if you spring a leak back there.
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