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Fuel system bleeding '91 420SEL

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Bleeding fuel on 420SEL.
I changed my fuel filter, vent valve, and rubber shocks (buffers)
for the fuel pump/filter assembly.
What I can not find in the manual is bleeding the fuel system.
I do have the factory manual on CD and have read the part for replacing the filter but have not found the general instructions for bleeding the fuel.
I should point out that I have done some extensive engine work as in replacing the heads, cams shafts, timing chain, etc. so my fuel injection system has been off for about 8 months.
I put the spark plugs back in last night and am down to bleeding the fuel for the initial start after 8 loooooong months of not being able to drive my car. My pumps run for about 5 seconds and then shut down and I assuming that they feel the pressure is good enough so they must be seeing air. I would further assume that there is a pressure switch that must be temporarily bypassed for this task? The line is disconnected and pointed into a can for bleeding but no fuel.
Any remedial points for this topic would be greatly appreciated as I am an aircraft mechanic but am not schooled on the Mercedes product.
Thanks in advance.