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New to Forum, I have a s600 v12 TT 2003, I noticed a smell of fuel in the cabin at first it was not as strong now its pretty strong smelling. I have checked the cap and replaced the fuel cap, checked the fuel filter (no leaks), no smells from engine bay- im perplexed from where this could be from or where? I have looked at the Evap cannister looks ok and cant smell anything from there- Could some please help with possible causes as the smell is sickly- Thank you in advance :wink

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Welcome to the Forum.

Your Fuel Tank and a lot of associated Pipework is behind the Rear Seat, and in Front of the Forward Panel in the Trunk.

You need to remove the Trunk Lining Panels both sides, then Front and investigate for possible leaks or deteriorated pipework.

Needless to say, it needs addressing ASAP, and in the meanwhile do not Smoke etc inside the Vehicle.

As you are new to the Forum, I will draw your attention to the Search Bar and our Encyclopaedia see arrows on photo below for locations, there is a wealth of Knowledge on here just a few clicks away :wink


Cheers Dave

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