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Fuel pump relay merc 380 sec

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Hi All,

my fuel pump does not engage when i turn the key to on position on the ignition.

which 2 pins must i bridge on the relay to get the car started..

Please advise urgently with a pic if possible.

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Bridging Fuel Pump Relay Contacts

I want to qualify this post by noting that I am NOT an experienced mechanic NOR am I familiar with either the 380 or the 560. However, I have recently been perusing the fuel pump related topics in the Engine Manual for the 420 SEL. This being said, I wanted to call the attention of AfricaXJ6 the location of the manual pages which appear to me to directly address the identified topic and query.

This may be useful to both AfricaXJ6 and to others who stumble across this thread.

Look in the Engine Manual for the 1983 380 SEC. This will be found on Disk 2 of the Service Manual Library:

Take a look at these Subgroup topics:

07.3-120 Checking fuel pressures and for internal leaks

07.3-130 Checking fuel pump

Note the suggested contact bridge on page 2 (07.3-130) and written guidance:

Starting September 1981: jacks 7 and 8.

See also:

07.3-165 Checking fuel pump relay with electronic rpm control

Because I am not a particularly accomplished or proficient mechanic and I am a visual person, I am especially reliant on a good diagram. Looking at these sheets may help. To the extent that AfricaXJ6 is more experienced, he may have already performed the patch and driven the vehicle to a location where the relay can be replaced.

To the extent that AfricaXJ6 is able to memorialize his patch with digital photographs, this might benefit someone else by enriching the diagrams appearing in the documentation.

Hope this helps!
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