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190E 8v 2.3 Mercedes Benz Make 1987
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Hi, i have a 190E 2.3 8v 1987 MB, a few weeks ago, I was riding went back home and suddenly the car started to misfire, but with no consequences, later on the week (like one week ago) the car suddenly the engien stopped and i noticed that the fuel pump was not working at all. I checked the cables because i thought it was a loose wire but, the fuel pump started and work properly again.

Just 2 days ago, the same issue went back again, i checked it today, and the fuel pump works, and suddenly stops. I turned back off the engine and i turned on again and the fuel pump worked the car started, but several minutes later, it stopped. Now the fuel pump does not kick in at alla.

Reading the forum, i see that could be the fuel pump relay. i want to know where is located this relay in order to change it, because i checked all the fuses that there are located in front left of the drivers seat and no-one says fuel pump at all.

Thanks in advance,

If there is any picture of it, i appreciate it i'm not an expert mechanic.

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