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Fuel Pump Relay in 1995 E320 Wagon

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My fuel pump is sometimes not turning on when I turn the key before starting the engine. The pump sounds fine when it runs, but it sounds like the fuel pump relay is dying. I used to have this problem on volvos that I drove and it was easy to replace the fuel pump relay in the older volvos.

My question is: where is the fuel pump relay on my car? The service CD's show that it is in the rear compartment of the sedans, but I don't see a location for the wagons. I've read a lot of posts claiming that the fuel pump relay is under the rear seat, behind the battery, or that the fuel pump relay is part of the OVP and that there is no separate relay.

The service CD's show a distinctly separate device called the fuel pump relay, so I believe that there must be one somewhere. Can anyone advise on where to find the relay in my '95 E320 Wagon?

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See the link to Autohausaz below for a pic of the FPR...probably near your fuse box.

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