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1982 380 SEC A/T Euro
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Hi. Today my father tried to start our 1982 380 SEC, the engine cranked, but didnt start. Earlier, just some days ago, the car startet normally as it always has done since it was bought in 2013. No signs of problems with the engine earlier, it suddenly didnt start today. Another guy ment strongly that the fuel pump was the reason. Does the fuel pump has any fuse? I know it has a relay, could that be faulty and be the reason?

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Hi there 1976,

It is a very common issue having a fuel pump relay fail after many years of service.. also you might look in the fusebox & see if the fuses are copper/brass rather than the aluminum originals… the latter corrode easily and cause electrical problems.

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Do a search on jumpering the fuel pump relay to diagnose it further…
That should get the pump running..

Good Luck,

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