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Fuel Pump Preventative maintenance?

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I have passed 250,000kms on my S430 2004. Can someone shed some info on the life of the fuel pump on these cars.

On my ML320 cdi at around 257,000 kms my fuel pump gave up on the highway in winter. A simple job which I could have done and cost me around $600 ended up costing me 2.5 times.

I am doing a lot of highway 1400kms per week, and don't want issues on the highway, so wanted to know if I should just replace the fuel pump, but then I just don't want to throw money

Car has been fine with about 40,000kms put in the last eight months with only oil changes along the way. Sure it was winter and hate working on the car in winter, but will look under the hood now that it is summer.
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The only PM I know of for the fuel pump is to replace the filter regularly and check/clean the strainer in the tank (that requires draining it and unscrewing the screen from the bottom, typically they can be cleaned and reused, you only need to renew the O-ring, P/N 0229970648). If either clogs up it makes the pump work harder.

That said, the fuel pumps seem to last a very, very long time. They incorporate a regulator so sometimes that fails, sometimes the pump does, but it's quite rare. At the same time, the pump isn't terribly expensive, so if it really concerns you, buy it and the filter, change them and clean the screen, and keep the old pump for "an emergency." ;)

Hope that helps.

Good luck.
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