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I am trying to diagnose cold starting low idle and idling low in drive at a stop.

At cold start in park the car idles at the 5-ish line sometimes 4-ish and is very rough after a few minutes it's up past the 5 line close to 7 and the idle is only slightly rough.

Then when shifting to reverse it drops back to 5 and also @ 5 if shifting to drive. After a little gas the rpms increase and the roughness decreases, once at a higher rpm the roughness is gone.

When driving and coming to a stop light the idle sits at about 5 maybe 6 and is pretty rough.

I am going down the path of a fuel problem currently.
I have been told at this point to clean put the fuel pump by placing it in a bucket of gas and running out any debris.
Any thoughts?
Also I have been told to check the fuel pressure.
Can anyone tell me how to run a test on the fuel pressure regulator?

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