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Fuel leak issues'

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I understand that this is an old topic but have a question, would the leaking fuel sending unit problems that have been going on with the E class w211 vehicles make the fuel pump stop working all together? My wifes 2005 E-500 shut down on us and it will not start now. I remember a while back noticing that there was a little puddle of fuel under the car and didn't think much about it because she had just got back from fueling it up and she always like's to top the tank off. Just wondering. I need to get this car on the road again, it has been sitting for a few days now in my drive way dead. Thanks
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I would do a search on the W211 forum. I had a 211 wagon and the leak and did not read anything about the fuel pump stopping. The leak is via the gaskets on the top of the tank accessed via the back seat. Almost always when you fill the tank and bit leaks and you can smell the fumes (did not read about leaking fule on the ground). Some have replaced the gasket and some the entire sending unit.
Michael in Arizona
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